Sale of exclusive autobiography of Bretislav Novotny

I offer exclusive autobiography of Bretislav Novotny in video for sale. Autobiography was filmed on 19. 07. 2013 in his home´s office in his native language. Four people were present in the room during filming. Mr. Novotny tells about his life, his beginnings and the Prague Quartet. In the video is also a live demonstration of playing the violin - Sonate of J. S. Bach. The video was taken in 1920x1080 resolution at 50 frames per second with a data rate of 26318 kbps. Sound is recorded from the camera and external microphone. The videomaterial is 68,5 minutes long. The sale also includes a signed consent to filming along with copyright. The videomaterial and its parts have not been published till this day. The video can be used as a base of documents or as a unique contribution to a collection.

The sale is completely anonymous and only for serious buyers and companies from all over the world. The closing date for all offers is 31 January 2020, 12:00pm CET. Send offers by email to bnovotnysale@gmail.com with a brief description of why this exclusive material should be sold to you.